Election Nominees

                                                                                                                                                                               For the upcoming 2023 election this is a list of nominees.



Connie Kolarik

Melanie Leonard

1st Vice President 

Lonnie Gentry

Nancy O’Hara


Cassie Nespor

Executive committee 

  Joe Audia

  Eric Barr

   Rob Chance

   Lisa Devore

   Kevin Hood

   Amalia Kostantas

   Mike Lisi

  Tiffany Moore

   Nancy O’Hare

Desa Pavlichich

NEA Delegate   

HaSheen Wilson

OEA/NEOEA Delegate

Joseph Audia

HaSheen Wilson


Please contact the nominees if you would like to speak with them on issues you think are important.

Bios will be emailed out.  Elections start on June 21 and go through June 28 3:00 PM. Ballots will be emailed on Wednesday June 21


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