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Committee Descriptions and Time Commitment

Standing Committees:

Audit Committee: (needs 3 persons not on executive committee).  “The Audit Committee shall conduct a review and assessment of the Association’s financial activities and report its findings to the Executive Committee.”

Communications Committee:  “Appointed by the Executive Committee, shall be responsible for distributing information regarding the activities of, and business being conducted by, the Association to its members.  The Communications Committee shall consist of at least four (4) individuals from the membership.
(This committee will work with the First Vice President in creating an Association Newsletter.  We would also like to expand our presence on social media.)  (Meets as needed)

Elections Committee: “Shall supervise, coordinate, and certify all Association elections to the Executive Committee and the membership.” (Meets in May/June to coordinate yearly officer/committee elections and only as needed after that for special elections when they arise)

Grievance Committee:  “Shall consist of at least 3 but up to 10 individuals from the membership. The Grievance Committee shall administer and coordinate the processing of grievances under the terms of the Master Agreement.”  (Meets as needed)

Job Audit Committee “Shall assist any member in the function of having his/her classified civil service position evaluated for possible reclassification. The Job Audit Committee shall also review all job postings of classified civil service positions and inform the Association President of possible irregularities.” (Meets as needed)

Ad Hoc Committees:

Constitution and Bylaws Committee.  This committee will review our current C&B, compare it with OEA guidelines for compliance, and recommend proposed amendments, if necessary.  The membership will vote on any proposed amendments to our C&B.  (Need at least 3 people – will meet as needed throughout review of C&B).

Membership Action Team: This committee will work with the Social Committee and Communication Committee to reach out to individual members to find ways to engage members in our union.
(Meets as needed).

Scholarship Committee:  This committee will review YSU ACE Scholarship applications and choose the scholarship recipients.  The committee is also invited to attend a small dinner reception for recipients and their families.  (Meets in April/May to review applications/choose recipient)

Social Committee:  This committee will plan various social functions throughout the year, such as our Scholarship Dinner and summer picnic.  Would also coordinate any special projects such as collecting school supplies, etc.  (Meets as needed to plan events)