Presidents Corner

I would like to start out by reminding everyone how important this year is! With Negotiations starting on May 1 and election nominations next month, we must remind everyone the more we speak up the louder are voices get. Everyone please gets involved, please come to our socials, fill out the surveys and most important step up and help lead in the direction your UNION goes. We have 6 vacant seats, and I would like to see them all filled with new faces. We need our members to look at their futures with YSU and help participate in the direction you take!

We are in the process of looking at documents, salaries, and other pertinent information that we would like to share with you. This information is what we can use to negotiate. I would like everyone to please look at it. In my opinion it shows how unfair we have been treated. In one article it will show how concerned YSU was with the strike of 2005, that they hired a panel to investigate it. President Sweet wanted to understand what went wrong. The panel recommended some changes so that THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! YSU chose to ignore the recommendations of not having lawyers in negotiations, instead this year they have 3. It does not seem our negotiation process is done in good faith and what is best for everyone; a contract should be in a language that everyone understands and follows. A contract is something I believe should, address concerns and create guidelines that follow state and federal laws so that wages are equitable and state dollars are shared equally. As president of ACE, my opinion is that our contract has been concessionary and punitive, the language that gave us strength is being taken away, the benefits we enjoyed as state employees are being whittled down, our wages no longer provide us with a living wage. YSU’s Mission statement states” As a student-centered University their’ “mission is to provide innovative lifelong learning opportunities that will inspire individuals, enhance futures and enrich lives” I know all of us are here to help students ensure that their experiences are a positive one. My question is what about the members that are here to make sure this statement is fulfilled. I have seen other union contracts and they have been treated fairly, so that their lives are enriched, and their futures enhanced. Some union contracts on campus still receive 8 steps, 6-week vacations, educational increments and can donate their sick time to a fellow member. My thought is if the university is in dire straits why are we the only one that gives back, we should all reap the benefits of the good times and share in helping out in times of need.

Thank You