Message from Connie

Message to YSU-ACE members:


Yesterday, I addressed our membership with information regarding layoffs as announced by the administration. A copy of the questions and answers discussed at the meeting will be available to the membership next week by contacting our secretary, Melanie Leonard, at ext. 2979.


During the meeting, I stated that the four unions were issuing a joint press release. A copy of that release is shown below on this website.


As stated in the press release, the unions asked to form a joint task force to “study the university’s fiscal condition and explore creative alternatives to avert the layoffs . . .”. In that regard, a Joint Task Force Survey has been created for our members to submit their thoughts and suggestions to aid the Task Force in exploring these alternatives. The survey is available at


Also, we are asking for volunteers to be building representatives to aid us in getting information out to our membership. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Tony Spano at or Connie Frisby at


If you have not yet submitted an alternate email address, please contact Melanie Leonard at ext. 2979 (or email to as soon as possible so that you may be added to the list.


Thank you,

Connie Frisby, President, YSU-ACE